Specialist crane hire and transport team H1

The team can help you assess what to use for your task, be it supplying cranes for shutdown work at pulp and paper mills, lifting a house or craning and transporting a geothermal drilling rig; we can help you choose the most appropriate equipment and methods.

Considerable experience

Our team has considerable experience in supporting companies working in the following

sectors and on particular jobs including H2

  •     Pulp and paper industry
  •     Drilling rig maintenence and shifting
  •     Building removal
  •     Plant shutdowns
  •     Site maintenance
  •     Tree removal

General Taxi Work H3

  •     Structural steel placement
  •     Pre-cast panel work
  •     Certified load pilots
  •     Power station / sub station work
  •     Over-dimensional transport
  •     General Taxi Work

Any equipment required e.g. spreader beams, mancages, swift lifts etc come at no extra cost with the crane.