Health and Safety Policy


Todd McPhee Crane Hire’s Health and Safety Policy is what sets the tone for our health and safety management system.  What sets us apart in our industry is that we believe in our policy and actively carry out the requirements of the policy on a daily basis.  We have a strong ethos for communicating this to employees and people we work with.  Communication is an important part of linking safe our working environment with our health and safety policies.

Our Management team will ensure they strive to comply with our own policies, as well as legislation, standards and codes of practice and in doing so will:

  • Actively report, record and investigation incidents and injuries in a timely manner to reduce the likelihood of a reoccurrence,
  • Actively and systematically Identify, report, record and review all new and existing hazards using the hierarchy of control and risk matrix,
  • Provide sufficient training, supervision and information to employees,
  • Provide opportunities for employee input into all health and safety matters,
  • Encourage continuous improvement to health and safety from employees to management,
  • Support employees on their journey to a safe and early return to work if injured,
  • Be proud of our health and safety systems and support them in their processes!

Our health and safety management policy is reviewed biannually with the input from employees, therefore it is what we agree to achieve as a team which is something we are proud of.

For a copy of our full health and safety policy click here.